SUPPORT GROUPS  –   IOCDF Listing of All Groups

For individuals with OCD.  Family members can also join.  Reading posts can help gain understanding about OCD in general.  OCD Experts contribute and answer Questions.

OCD and Parenting
For Parents and Supporters of someone who has OCD.  Peer based support from parents.  OCD Experts available to ask a Question.

Pure O – OCD
 A group of people with OCD whose compulsions are primarily mental in nature.
“Pure O” is a misnomer – the compulsive behavior is present just not visible.  Moderated by Jon Hershfield, MFT,  who specializes in CBT for OCD and related disorders.

Everything OCD –  Facebook Page Support Groups
Approved by the IOCDF.  Group for someone with OCD & Group for Family/Supporters.  Knowledgeable administrators, professional contributors, and friendly members wanting to help.

An Online Support Community offering OCD Help online with Support Groups, OCD Self Help, Forums, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Games, etc.  Thousands of supportive members.

OCD Online
Dr. Steven Phillipson, Ph.D   Video conferencing, Telephone Consultation, Videos, Articles.

Stuck In A Doorway (SIAD)
The world’s largest self-help support group for sufferes of OCD

Johnathan Grayson blog



International OCD Foundation
Comprehensive Resource – Treatment Provider Search Engine, Outline of Treatment, Articles, Links to Resources, Research.  Listing of Research Trials.  Annual conference held in summer.

The Canadian Institute for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders – Canadian OCD resource site.

Self-Help, and Evidence-Based Resources for anxiety and anxiety disorders.   Resources & Tools to help you manage your anxiety.  Free MindShift™ app which helps youth and young adults manage anxiety, using step-by-step strategies.

Peace of Mind Foundation
OCD resource site by Elizabeth McIngvale – a Psychologist who has OCD.  Excellent Videos and Articles.

Steven Phillipson, Psychologist specialized in CBT for OCD since 1986.  Articles, Videos, Pure O Treatment.

The Other OCD  – “Pure O”.

Anxieties.Com – Reid Wilson   – CBT self-help Video.  Self-help resources.