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OCDTribe is an online support community offering Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Help online with Support Groups, OCD Self Help, Forums, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Games, etc. with thousands of supportive members.

OCD and Parenting

Affiliated with the OCFoundation. Advice and support from parents. Also has a panel of experts (psychiatrist/psychologist) that you can post a question to. The files section on this website has research papers on treatments and medication, as well as links to many related resources.


For individuals affected by OCD. Family members can also join, and just read posts, this can really help to gain understanding of what a person with OCD goes through. Wonderful psychiatrist and psychologists who answer posts regularly.

OCD Online

A treasure trove of information by Dr. Steven Phillipson, Phd. Video conferencing, telephone consultations, a video, many articles on coping strategies, question and answers, explanation of CBT for OCD.

Stuck In A Doorway (SIAD)

The world’s largest self-help support group for sufferes of OCD.